Keeping it together is a business built for the fast-changing digital and print media landscape.
And the work we do is built to last.
The brainchild of web designer Adam Barnes and senior journalist Simon Rushworth, fuses the technical and the creative to create the perfect media solution.
Our experience, contacts and qualifications ensure quality, bespoke projects are delivered to deadline across platforms.
We work alongside the media and within the media - at a local, regional and national level.
Our press releases are precise and concise. Our events are attended by key media capable of reaching your target publics. And our websites make an instant - and lasting - impression.
We can also help with crisis media management, content marketing and the creation of compelling advertising copy.
Adam and Simon are at the cutting edge of digital media but they believe print is still a powerful tool in terms of building brand awareness and loyalty.
As a consequence the portfolio includes unique websites, powerful press packs, must-read magazines and more.
Specialising in media solutions for the sport and music industries, our multi-talented team has also worked with medical professionals and education leaders to ensure clear messages are heard by key publics.
We believe in keeping it together. So talk to about the complete media solution.

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